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Entersoft CRM®

New Features & Functionality

New Features & Functionality (Outline)

This document aims to report the new features and extensions of Standalone CRM First, the newly added functionality and features are briefly listed and, then, a detailed presentation follows. User guidelines and examples are provided where necessary.

Entersoft Framework

  • An alternative user authentication method is henceforth available.

Entersoft framework

User authentication

A new alternative user authentication method is now available for application login, incorporating the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This way it is henceforth feasible to utilize the predefined user authentication of a Company’s Domain Server for user login into the Entersoft Application. This way does not substitute the existing login method: the login screen henceforth includes the option to login using one of the following authentication methods:

  • Basic
  • Network
  • All

The available login methods are defined on the Authentication method field on the User administration UI form.


Next, it is required to select the LDAP user to which the application user corresponds to. The modal window allows you to search for the user in the Domain, using various search fields.

On the login screen the user can select whether (s)he wishes to login using the existing, basic method or the new method based on the network credentials. Assuming that the network authentication is allowed for the specific user, then (s)he will be automatically authentication without entering his/her credentials.


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