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Entersoft Cloud Store: Create a Connection and Establish Trust to EAS

Now that you have successfully completed the first step of the on-boarding to Entersoft Cloud Store process (described in previous document) the next step is to configure the Connection between the Entersoft Cloud Store with Entersoft Application Server (EAS) that is running either on-cloud or on-premises.

  1. Sign-in to https://cloud.entersoft.gr with the Subscription’s Owner email / credentials and navigate to the Subscription Configuration Page. Go to the Settings (gear icon) menu and Select “Add Connection” as shown in the figure below:


  1. In the Connection properties Page, please provide a BridgeID that uniquely identifies this connection within the Subscription. The Database ID (logical ID as defined in the EAS), the Company ID as defined in the EAS and the IP or DNS name of the EAS as well as the TCP/IP Port to which the EAS has been configured to listen to. In point 6 in the figure below, all the Microsoft Azure public IPs are listed so that you can configure your Firewall and or Network configuration to accept calls ONLY from these specific IPS and from nowhere else, in order to further enforce security and trust between Entersoft Cloud Store services and the EAS.


  1. After completing Step 2, the Subscription Page will look like the figure below:


  1. Now, press the Button “Verify Subscription” and you will be prompted to enter the credentials for both the Subscription and the Entersoft Business Suite product family EAS. Backoffice User, Password and BranchID all refer to credentials that must be valid for an EAS User that has Admin privileges.


  1. If the Connection properties are correct, and if required any firewall settings in your infrastructure are in place and the provided User credentials are correct then you will be presented with the following screen:


This step will ensure that “YOU”, the designated owner of the subscription” that you are configuring and setting up in the Entersoft Cloud Store, is or has been delegated to have Admin Access to the Entersoft Application Server that you are connecting to Entersoft Cloud Store. If the corresponding EAS is part of the Entersoft Business Suite 2020 Series Family product then you can choose the first method i.e. “Verify Bridge using EBS 2020”. Otherwise, you should choose the second method i.e. “Verify Bridge using a text file”.

  1. Select the first method (Verify Bridge Using EBS 2020) and you will be asked to choose through which channel / method you will receive a Verification PIN Code as shown in figure below:


Receiving the Verification PIN code through email will always be an option for the eMail of the Subscription Owner is Required and Verified (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to Create a Subscription). The SMS Option will be available should you have configured and verified the Mobile Phone number in “My Account” page as described at the end of the document.

  1. Should you select the email will be sent at the Subscription’s Owner Verified email address will be sent from “Entersoft Cloud” email account: cloudstore@entersoft.eu so please make sure that you can receive emails from this account. The email format looks like:


Should you select the SMS Verification option, then an SMS containing the verification code from EntersoftSA will be sent to the Subscription’s Owner Verified Phone Number.


  1. If you have selected the Verification Method using EBS 2020 Series, then you will be presented with a screen like the one below. In the area pointed by the red arrow, the list of logged in interactive users with admin privileges will be listed if any. If at that time, no admin is logged in into Entersoft Business Suite with admin privileges, the EAS part of the verification process (described below) can be invoked and completed any time within 24 hours after the process initiation (previous step).


  1. Any admin privileged logged in users into Entersoft Business Suite product family will receive a similar Entersoft Business Suite Collaboration Message like the one described below:


  1. Any Admin User can run “Main Menu -> Settings -> Entersoft Application Server -> Trust Connection To Entersoft Cloud Store” action. In case that there is a pending request to confirm the following screen will come up and the User should enter the Verification PIN Code that he/she has received (either by email or by SMS) depending on the selected option on step 6.


  1. If everything is OK then the verification process is completed and logged into the Entersoft Log & Audit Trail subsystem. For any reason that the process fails, a corresponding message with instructions will be presented to the Admin user.


Should the user is still waiting in the Entersoft Cloud Store Subscription Verification Page he/she will be notified that the Subscription has been verified and a Trusted Connection has been established between Entersoft Cloud Store and the EAS. At that state, the Subscription is ready to enroll trial applications, free applications and new purchases.


Verification of Mobile Phone Number of the Subscription’s Owner

Sign-in into Entersoft Cloud Store (https://cloud.entersoft.gr/en/account/login/) and Go to My Account option in the settings (gear icon) menu.


Press the Edit Phone button and


Provide your mobile phone in ISO format +<Country Code><Phone Number> and press “Send Verification Code”. Assuming that you have entered correctly your mobile phone number you will receive an SMS from EntersoftSA with the Verification Pin Code. Enter the code that you have received by SMS into the Verification Mobile Phone Page as shown below: