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ES Master app

Get all the visibility & control you need
to manage your entire Entersoft Application Server

User Guide

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With the growing need for the network monitoring software in the IT industry, ES Master has been built to satisfy the needs of network administrators by monitoring Entersoft application servers, databases, schedule tasks and other critical services and applications from a single console. (available on mobile devices such as phones and tablets)

IT pros the world over wouldn’t be caught dead without server management software because it takes so much of the manual burden off managing servers and other critical applications. Server management is required to enhance the up-time of servers. Based on the server system, management plans may vary, yet the bottom line is that proper server management software will guarantee the security and stability of servers throughout their lifespan.

ES Master is an application for the administrators of the enterprise applications of Entersoft SA. It can be used to monitor, control and be notified for events that are related to the Entersoft Business Suite, Entersoft Expert, Entersoft Warehouse Management, Entersoft CRM, Entersoft Retail and Entersoft Mobile applications.

The application is cross platform for both iOS and Android systems and it is also optimized for tablet use.
Note: The application requires the use of Entersoft Business Suite (EBS) ver. or higher to utilize its full functionality.

iOS Android

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Entersoft ES Master

The app offers an ΙΤ manager, the ability to execute important administration and maintenance tasks, such as Restart, Back-up, Activate /Deactivate Users and Devices, manage user passwords (reset / lock etc.)

Furthermore, Push Notifications are automatically sent from the Application Server, to all devices that are registered and approved, the ΙΤ Systems Administrator (or Development Operations person) can be apprised almost instantly for events that required attention, such as:

  • Start / Stop App Server
  • Start / Stop Database Backup
  • Re-cache application
  • Upgrade from version to version
  • Out of free licenses
  • Change to Custom Version

In addition, Push Notifications can be used as a first rate tool, from consultants for various Entersoft products, in Automations, Business Rules (BR) and other critical processes related to IT operations. The app provides valuable feedback for the success or failure of tasks, such as Data Interchange Retail / Mobile, import of Items and other data.


The application provides a comprehensive list of operations and functionality that can be applied on the go and improve IT administration. It was further enhanced to support :

a) multiple Entersoft Application Servers (running on a server machine) as define in the ESWebApi for all products (EBS, CRM, Expert, WMS, BG, RO)
b) monitoring Entersoft WMS RF Users
c) non-cloud configuration Entersoft Application Servers
d) SQL WhoIsActive ability and the option to Kill SQL processes to avoid locking or time consuming tasks that cause delays

Features will be described in more detail and are listed below:

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Dashboard - Overview

The main introductory screen of the application, that provides an overview look of the related servers and with respective system information. Data are presented in easy to view titled sections (e.g. General, System, Other) and with detailed info per line with the related information. (e.g. serial numbers, product and server versions, DB schema version, company / branch info, number of users and connections etc.)

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Active Sessions

The screen provides data regarding the Active Sessions on a particular server and with informative timestamp information from when the last update was pulled.

Information, for servers, branches and respective users can be displayed, while a keyword inquiry or a variety of filters are available to refine necessary searches (via the ES-Master-app---User-Guide v2.0-image8.png icon)

The option to message a particular user, is also provided (by tapping the ES-Master-app---User-Guide v2.0-image9.png icon)

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Additional functionality is available when swiping left on a selected user, to reveal options to message or kill the active session.

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Note: To perform critical operations and actions, the app will request again a password confirmation.

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Initiate message from mobile device

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Sample message to user (Back-office)

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System & Application Users

A view of all of users in the system and with all their relative information, such as access type, branch location, group membership (management, sales, service) and contact information. In addition, with the ability to search via a keyword or to apply a series of filters to focus on a particular group of users or a single specific user and drill down to see all detailed user information.

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Additional functionality is included by swiping left on a selected user, in order to:

  • De-Activate
  • Reset Password
  • eMail
  • Phone
  • SMS

Mobile Devices

ES-Master-app---User-Guide v2.0-image23.pngAn overview of the mobile devices that are registered in the system, along with all relevant information regarding their access and device type. The IT administrator can quickly apply searches, either via a keyword or enable filters to focus on a desired entry for further information.

Additional functionality is available by swiping left on a selected user as follows:

  • De-Activate
  • Send PN
  • eMail
  • Phone
  • SMS

WMF RF Users

Offers the ability to view Warehouse Management RF devices / users registered in the system, with related data regarding their access and device type. Available option to apply filters for searches (via the ES-Master-app---User-Guide v2.0-image8.png icon) or tap on a particular entry to view the respective information.

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Additional functionality is available by swiping left on a selected user as follows:

  • Message
  • Kill

Additional functionality is available by swiping left on a selected user as follows:

  • Message
  • Kill

Server Actions

This option provides an admin with key operations and actions for the management and maintenance of the application server. Quick and easy access to essential functions that can facilitate server operations and save time and effort for IT personnel, with options to: Clean up files, backup CS files, shrink & backup database, clear event logs, re-cache and restart the server.

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Performance KPIs

Provides a one click view of the overall server performance and health status, by showing a snapshot look at any given instance. Quick access at one’s fingertips with vital information, required by an IT operations manager, such as CPU & RAM usage, processing usage, SQL server RAM and disk size utilization.

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SQL Server

A useful dashboard to determine specific SQL issues and receive all related data as it pertains to the database health and functionality.

The administrator can easily see related SQL jobs and counters, backup logs, table sizes and key database files.

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Server Metrics

Helpful screen that encompasses all relevant metrics regarding the Entersoft application.

It includes such information as the PersonCount, TotalDocSalesCountPerDay, SumTasksPerDay, TotalTradeAccountEntry, TotalItemEntriesPerDay and other key metrics as related to the operation of the system.

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System Event Log

Access to a full event log with the ability to filter and focus on records via criteria, such as date, user, station, company ID and type (info, Warning, Error and Severe error)

In addition, the IT admin has the ability to select columns to display or hide and export data.

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Scheduled Jobs

The IT manager can receive a detailed list of all scheduled jobs on the server and apply a keyword search to narrow the records desired. In addition, the ability to drill down to a particular job and view a more detailed record of what it entails, its status and timestamp information.

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The daily application reminders can be viewed as presented within the application.

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