Entersoft Cloud Store: Create an Integration Endpoint

There server Application on Entersoft Cloud Store that can be used for integration projects and solutions with the back-end Entersoft Business Suite Family products or with any other 3rd party applications. For example, Entersoft Surveys offers an Integration Endpoint that can be connected to by Entersoft CRM (Surveys, Campaigns, Data Collection, Newsletter Mgmt.) and orchestrate a Survey Campaign of any type directly through Entersoft CRM.

Another example is Entersoft Business Suite Application Insights Cloud Store application offers an Integration Endpoint that can be used by any Entersoft Business Suite 2020 Series Product Family to acquire application insights from the usage of EBS 2020 Series Product.

In this document, we will go step by step in Creating an Endpoint, Activating it and Connecting to the Endpoint by the EBS 2020 Series Family products.


  1. Prior to creating and registering an Endpoint Token for one of the available Entersoft Cloud Store Applications that expose this functionality, you should have a valid and trusted connection between Entersoft Cloud Store Subscription and Entersoft Business Suite 2020 Series Family Product in place.
  2. You should first purchase (in case that the application is a Paid one) the Application, or Get It (in case that the application is Free or Trial) into your subscription prior to creating and registering its exposed Endpoint Token. Furthermore, you should assign to these applications at least one EBS back-end User with Admin privileges, otherwise he/she will not be able to register the Endpoints. For example, in the screenshot below, two Entersoft Cloud Applications have been added and those two offer Endpoint Integration functionality.


User Admin is being assigned to the Entersoft Business Suite Application Insights and he/she has administrator privilege rights in the back-end EBS.


Steps to Create and Register Endpoint Token

  1. Should this is the first Endpoint Token that you are creating and registering into the back-end EBS 2020 Series Family product, the “Company Parameters Dashboard” in the Section “Entersoft Cloud Store” will look like the screenshot below:


  1. In the Entersoft Cloud Store portal, in the Subscription’s page, select the Tab “Integrations” and you will be navigated to a page similar to the screenshot below: Then press the Add Token button


  1. Provide a friendly description (1) for the endpoint to be created and select the Type of Endpoint Token that you need to create and register from the list of the Available options listed in the Drop-Down control (2) as show below, and then Press “Next


  1. You will be redirected to the Entersoft’s Web API OAUTH2 Authorization page (see the screenshot below). You should use valid user (must be an admin privileged user) credentials to authorize the generation and registration of the Endpoint Token. Then you should press “Allow”. Should for any reason you changed your mind press “Deny” and the process will not proceed and the Endpoint Token will not be created and not be registered in the back-end EBS 2020 Series Family product.


  1. Should you successfully logged in into the EBS 2020 Series Family product and “Allowed” for the creation and registration of the Endpoint Token, you will be returned back to the Subscriptions page which will look like the screenshot below:


  1. You can click on the “Value is hidden, click to show” link in order to see the id of the Endpoint Token that has been created. This is the Endpoint Token id, that you or the 3rd party Integrator, will need to provide in the integration application (for example Entersoft Business Suite 2020 Series Family products, to get access to the EBS Application Insights endpoint).


  1. If we login into the EBS 2020 Series Family product application with admin privileged User account, and got to the Application’s Control Panel -> Parameters Panel -> Entersoft Cloud Store Section we can verify that the Endpoint along with other Entersoft Cloud Store details (SubscriptionID, SubscriptionGID) are in place and correctly set by the previous process.


In order to create and register another type of Endpoint Token e.g. Entersoft Surveys, we follow the same steps described in this document.