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The Entersoft Cloud =

Entersoft has created the Entersoft cloud, which is available to all Entersoft clients and provides an extensive group of applications that enhance their existing Entersoft installations and solutions with new innovative functionality.

Your Entersoft Cloud subscription is managed directly by you so you can add functionality and enable applications directly and fast. All applications are hosted on the cloud and seamlessly and securely communicate with your existing Entersoft solutions and installation.

Each application is provided in a SaaS mode and requires a subscription to be made from within Entersoft cloud and an active New Versions Contract or an active product SaaS agreement for your main Entersoft Solution/installation.

This guide provides a guide on how to setup and manage your Entersoft Cloud, your Applications and users related to them.

For any further information, clarifications or assistance, you can direct your enquiry to Entersoft Support Department (support@entersoft.ro)

Create new account

At https://cloud.entersoft.gr from Register you create a user who will be the administrator of the cloud subscription. In other words, user will be able to change the IP / port to connect to the Entersoft Application server within the company, purchase applications, invite end-users of the back office, and enable users in applications.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image1.png

  • Email = is the email address used for registration. You can use any email you have access to.
  • Password = the password should be at least 8 chars long, with at least one lowercase char, one uppercase char, one number and one of the following symbols (!,@,#,$,&,*).
  • Confirm Password = re-enter the password

To complete the registration, the administrator must click on the link he will receive in his email from cloud.entersoft.gr.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image2.png

Create cloud subscription

After the confirmation of the account, we will be able to login with the email and password that were previously used in order to create a subscription.

From the menu we select My subscription first and then we select Create New Subscription.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image3.png

In My subscription we specify the connection details with the application server.

Subscription ID and password are freely defined by the customer.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image4.png

  • Company Name = It will be used for company name *
  • Subscription ID = this will be a subscription name related to the Company or Organization and must be unique if multiple subscriptions are defined
  • Customer serial number = is the serial number you can find it in the toolbar from EBS *
  • Customer VAT number = the VAT(TRN) number
  • Password = a password for this subscription
  • Confirm Password = re-enter the password
  • Database ID = is the name of the database that we want to connect to *
  • Company ID = is the company code that we want to connect to *
  • Application server (IP or domain name) = is the public IP of the application server.
  • Port = is the port used for communication with the server
  • The information regarding the Name of the company, Serial number, Database ID and Company ID, will be quickly found at the bottom toolbar from EBS application.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image5.png

Verify Connection

After adding the server, it must be confirmed that there is communication of cloud.entersoft.gr with the Entersoft application server.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image6.jpg

Before selecting VERIFY CONNECTION, we may need to access the firewall / routers outside the client network and open the port that the Entersoft application server listens to and serves in the following list of Microsoft Azure external IPs:

We select VERIFY CONNECTION and fill in a user with whom the test will be performed. The user in the back office must be active, with the right of access to the desired company and branch and in the field Source of access to be activated and WebApi.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image7.png

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image8.png

  • Subscription ID = Is the name of subscription that was created few step ago
  • Subscription Password = is the password used when subscription was created
  • Backoffice User = is the user with WebApi rights from the back office
  • Password = the password with which the user logs in to the EBS application
  • Bridge ID = is the name of the connection that was made after we add the subscription
  • Branch ID = is the branch to which we want to connect

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image9.png

If then communication is possible and the user login is successful, then the following message appears requesting the creation of a file in the application server folder to confirm that there is physical access to the server as an additional security measure.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image10.png

In the application folder, we create the CSWebAssets folder and inside it a text file (.txt) named as in our example, roservices-Demo_002.txt.

Inside the .txt file, we will put the code from the image “2161188” and save it.

After that, we click “VERIFY CONNECTION” and a confirmation message should appear, “Connection verified”.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image11.png

By completing the subscription Verification, you can activate the end users and applications.

Add/Activate users

To be able to login in the loud application we should add and activate the users from back office in our subscription.

From My subscription, we select the tab Users and then we select ADD USER or we activate/disactivate an existing user.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image12.png

Fill in the User ID of the user as opened in ERP and his email.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image13.png

He will receive an email to which he must click “Confirm account” (he does not have access to cloud.entersoft.gr, except in every application that the administrator has given him access to).

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image14.png

Users who have accepted the Invitation appear with the Status “VERIFIED”, while for those who have not pressed it, a warning appears and there is an option to send the invitation email again.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image15.png

= Add applications


We can add/buy applications from the menu All Apps where we have all the available applications or from My subscription, we select Details and them from the tab My Apps we select Add App.

In each application we have a brief description and related screenshots.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image16.png

In VIEW DETAILS we can see the price per application and the number of users it supports in each version.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image17.png

We select the ADD TO CART if we want to buy this application.

In the next page we select for how many months we want to buy the application and we press CHOOSE.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image18.png

In the next page we have the total price. We accept the terms and conditions and we press next.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image19.png

In the page of billing details we select the Bank deposit as payment method and we press Next to complete the order.

We should keep the Order Code.

Once done, we send the Order code with an email to Entersoft support department requesting to enable the application. Once the application is enabled we will receive an email for the support ticket completion and following that, the related invoice.

Alternatively you can use the credit card payment method, which is simpler and faster.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image20.png

Through an existing application we can Get More Users or Renew the duration.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image21.png

If we select to get more users, we enter the number of end users, and we proceed to the order.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image22.png

Through each application in Users tab, you can choose from the available users, those you want to activate in this application.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image23.png

Login end user in the application

In the Overview of each application you can see its web address where its activated users can login.

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image24.jpg

In the User field the user can connect:

  • either with his email and the ERP user code
  • either with SubscriptionID/UserID and the ERP user code

Entersoft Cloud Subscription EN-image25.png

  • User ID = is the SubscriptionID/User name from EBS. Example: roservices/esmaster
  • Password = the password with which the user (esmaster) logs in to the EBS application
  • Company ID = is the name of the connection that was made after we add the subscription, is the name of Bridge ID. In our example is Demo_002
  • Branch ID = is the branch to which we want to connect

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