How to activate Entersoft Connector for Microsoft Logic Apps, Power Flow and Power Automate

  1. First login into you Entersoft Cloud Store Subscription. In case that you have not a valid / activated Entersoft Cloud Store Subscription please follow the instructions Create an Entersoft Cloud Store Subscription.
  2. In the “My Apps” tab of the Subscription page, go to the bottom and Press the “+ADD APP” button.


  1. In the “Entersoft Cloud Apps” page, locate the “Entersoft Connector For Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Apps platform” application and Press the “VIEW DETAILS” button.


  1. In the Application Purchase page select the appropriate version (there is also a Free Version Available) and Press the “GET IT” Button.


  1. If it is the Free Version that your about to purchase then simply press the “GET IT” button again and you will be asked no further questions. Otherwise, you will be directed to the checkout process to complete your order. The Free version of Entersoft Connector, as all the Free Versions of the Entersoft Cloud Store Apps, require only to have a valid and active S/W Maintenance Version Contract or an active SAAS.


  1. Now that you have “purchased” a paid version if any, or activated the free version of Entersoft Connector within your subscription, the last step is to assign / enable users to be able to access this Cloud App. To do so, press the “MANAGE USERS” button.


  1. You assign or un-assign a User the access to the application by switching on/off the “Assigned” switch button next to the user. The Free edition of Entersoft Connector for Microsoft PowerApps allows up to 2 users.


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